Before everything else

I was always thinking that I would write a blog.

George Orwell once said,

‘From a very early age, perhaps the age of five or six, knew that when I grew up I should be a writer’

‘Writing against the time passing’

quoted famous Feng Tang.

‘Climbing the hill because the hill is there to be conquered’

as Wang Xiaobo said.

However, none of these are the reason why I start to write a blog.

At the moment, I am forming a research paper regarding the academic work I’ve done. It’s more difficult than I thought to write properly especially in English. The idea of writing a technical blog in English just popped up in my mind. Here are my reasons to start a blog.

  • To make me think clearer

‘I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say’.

From time to time, my friends would ask for my comment on the latest news or technical stuff. I would easily give some fragmental and subject opinions. Writing a journal paper or a thesis is totally different, logic is always a priority. Sometimes I thought I understood the stuff quite well, while I could still hardly write clear explanation.


‘I wished to say everything in the smallest number of words in which it could be said clearly.’ (Bertrand Russell)

became my motto.

  • To help me write better English

I can easily write fluent,or even in a humorous writing style in my mother tongue. But using English is a bit challenging. As I need to write decent stuff, it seems inevitable to improve my English writing skills. I remember in Stephen King’s epic book, On Writing, he discusses how once he didn’t write for several weeks due to an accident, and how when he started to write again, his words weren’t flowing well. I think it is so true that writing mastery comes with constant practice.

  • To learn and share

I was quite likely to forgot things I’ve learned. To sort out the knowledge logically by blogging seems to be a good idea for me. Meanwhile, it’s also an opportunity to share my ideas, interests and my works. Basically, I am glad I have had my flight, but I would rather leave trace of wings in the air as well.

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